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Correct Facial Wrinkles & Creases

Juvéderm Vollure XC is an amazing dermal filler that can give you smoother, more youthful skin. This facial injectable is specifically optimized to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and creases around the nose and mouth, restoring natural beauty to your face with results lasting up to 18 months. The Med Spa of New Smyrna Beach offers personalized Juvéderm fillers to address your specific aesthetic goals.

How Juvéderm Vollure XC Works

Juvéderm Vollure XC utilizes hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar, to add volume and plumpness to targeted areas of the face. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful ingredient that attracts and binds water molecules to keep skin hydrated. As time passes, the body’s production of this key substance diminishes, resulting in saggy, wrinkly skin. Vollure XC fills wrinkles and creases by replenishing and augmenting the skin with new hyaluronic acid molecules for a smoother, softer, more youthful appearance.

Benefits of Vollure XC:

  • Minimally invasive injectable treatment
  • Minimal discomfort during the treatment
  • No harsh side effects or complications
  • Restore your skin’s hyaluronic acid reserves
  • Fill out moderate to severe facial wrinkles
  • Results last for up to 18 months after treatment
  • Resume daily activities immediately

Juvéderm Vollure XC Works Treats:

  • Facial wrinkles, creases, and folds
  • Nasolabial folds (lines that run from the corners of the nose to the mouth)
  • Marionette lines (lines that run from the corners of the mouth to the chin)

Our Patient-Centric Approach to Vollure XC

The Med Spa of New Smyrna Beach takes a patient-centric approach to all injectable treatments. We understand that everyone is unique and everyone has unique expectations. Instead of offering a cookie-cutter dose of Vollure XC, our medical providers analyze your facial skin, measure your wrinkles and creases, and curate a personalized treatment plan. We aim to smooth your wrinkles without overfilling, ensuring safe, consistent, and natural results.

Juvéderm Vollure XC FAQs

Can Vollure XC enhance my lips, chin, or jawline?

Vollure XC is specifically formulated for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and creases, such as the nasolabial folds. Each Juvéderm filler has a specific formulation for different treatment areas, so injecting Vollure XC into the lips may lead to undesired outcomes. If you want to enhance your lips, chin, and jawline, our medical providers may recommend other fillers, like Voluma XC or Volbella XC.

How is Juvéderm Vollure XC administered?

Juvéderm Vollure XC is administered by our medical provider in our treatment rooms. The procedure is typically done using a fine needle or a cannula, a thin, flexible tube inserted into the skin. The appropriate filler units are injected into the targeted area — the number of injections depends on your goals.

What are the side effects of Juvéderm Vollure XC?

The potential side effects of Juvéderm Vollure XC include swelling, redness, and pain at the injection site. These side effects are usually mild and resolve on their own within a few days. Other possible risks include infection, bleeding, and allergic reactions, but these are extremely rare, and we take all necessary precautions to prevent their occurrence.

Is there any downtime after Juvéderm Vollure XC?

Juvéderm Vollure XC doesn’t involve any downtime. You may resume your daily activities and work immediately, but strenuous activities should be avoided for a day.

When will I see the results of Juvéderm Vollure XC?

Juvéderm Vollure XC produces instant results. Your wrinkles and creases will look smoother and softer after the treatment, and the results will improve over several days.

How long do the Juvéderm Vollure XC results last?

Juvéderm Vollure XC produces long-lasting results lasting up to 18 months with optimal treatment. However, you may need maintenance treatments in between.

Will Juvéderm Vollure XC make me look puffy or fake?

Our medical providers administer extremely precise and tailored doses of Vollure XC to ensure soft, subtle results. As such, you don’t have to worry about looking puffy or fake.

Experience. Trust. Results.

The Med Spa of New Smyrna Beach is a luxurious medical spa committed to your aesthetic health and wellness. We believe in harnessing the power of modern aesthetic medicine to delay the signs of aging and restore youthful vitality. Our medical providers treat all patients uniquely, ensuring the results match their individual anatomical concerns and goals.

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