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Restore Facial Volume & Elevate Contours

Most signs of facial aging appear because of the gradual loss of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that binds water molecules and makes your skin look soft and supple. The loss of hyaluronic acid leads to wrinkles, hollow cheeks, and other signs of aging. The Med Spa of New Smyrna Beach offers personalized Juvéderm fillers to smooth out wrinkles, fill out fine lines, restore facial volume, and make you look more youthful.

What is Juvéderm?

Juvéderm is a brand of injectable dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid. The chosen Juvéderm filler is injected into the skin using a fine needle and is placed at the desired depth to add volume and smooth out wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid in Juvéderm fillers attracts and binds to water molecules in the skin to plump and hydrate the skin. As such, Juvéderm fillers restore volume and smooth out wrinkles and folds in the skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Juvéderm Treats:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Facial creases and folds
  • Nasolabial folds around the nose
  • Marionette lines around the mouth
  • Perioral wrinkles around the lips
  • Hollow or gaunt cheeks
  • Age-related loss of midface volume
  • Recessed chin
  • Insufficient jawline definition
  • Thin or insufficiently plump lips
  • Other issues with facial contours

Benefits of Juvéderm:

  • Minimally invasive injectable treatment
  • Minimal discomfort during the treatment
  • No harsh side effects or complications
  • Fill out fine lines and wrinkles and restore volume
  • Elevate natural facial contours
  • Restore your skin’s hyaluronic acid reserves
  • Results last for 6 to 24 months after treatment
  • Resume daily activities immediately

Our Patient-Centric Approach to Juvéderm

At The Med Spa of New Smyrna Beach, our certified and skilled injectors use cutting-edge techniques to address your aesthetic goals. Our medical providers examine your facial skin, discuss your goals and concerns, measure the wrinkles and degree of skin laxity, and select the appropriate Juvéderm fillers and formulations for your needs. Instead of offering cookie-cutter treatments, we personalize the dose to ensure soft results — no overfilling or pillowy lips.

Juvéderm FAQs

Which is the right Juvéderm for me?

Several types of Juvéderm fillers are available, each formulated to address specific areas and concerns. Our medical providers will analyze your facial skin, discuss your goals, and select the appropriate fillers for your specific needs. The following are some of the available fillers:

  • Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus add volume to the lips and smooth out perioral wrinkles.
  • Juvéderm Voluma is formulated to add volume to the cheek area.
  • Juvéderm Vollure smooths out moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth).
  • Juvéderm Volbella is a more delicate filler that adds subtle volume to the lips and smooths out fine lines around the mouth, also known as perioral wrinkles.

How is Juvéderm administered?

Juvéderm fillers are injected into the skin using a fine needle or cannula. The procedure is done in our treatment suite and takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of areas being treated. Topical numbing cream can minimize discomfort, and most patients report only minor discomfort during the procedure.

What are the side effects of Juvéderm?

After the procedure, you may experience mild swelling, redness, and tenderness at the injection site, which typically resolves within a few days.

Is there any downtime after Juvéderm?

The Juvéderm treatment doesn’t involve any downtime. You may resume your daily activities and work immediately, but you must avoid strenuous workouts and follow all other aftercare instructions to ensure optimal results.

When will I see the Juvéderm results?

Juvéderm produces instant results. Your facial skin will look smoother, softer, and more youthful after the treatment. However, the results will improve gradually as the side effects dissipate.

How long do the Juvéderm results last?

The effects of Juvéderm fillers typically last for 6 to 24 months, after which the filler is gradually absorbed by the body, and additional treatment is needed to maintain results. The specific longevity of the results depends on the treatment areas, the chosen fillers, your lifestyle, and how quickly your body metabolizes hyaluronic acid.

Experience. Trust. Results.

The Med Spa of New Smyrna Beach is a luxurious medical spa and wellness center dedicated to helping you maintain youthful skin for life. Our certified injectors use cutting-edge aesthetic medicine techniques and technologies to revitalize your complexion. We don’t believe in contorting your facial appearance. Instead, we elevate and heighten your innate natural beauty with results that conform to your ideals. Schedule an appointment to experience our results.

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