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Real Patient Results

1 spot treatment with our Gentle Max Pro

Laser Tattoo Removal after 4 sessions

1 Pico Fractional Treatment

1 Pico Spot Treatment

1 Pico Melasma Treatment

1 Laser Carbon Facial

Heavy CO2 Treatment

1 Pico Fractional Treatment

2 treatments – tattoo removal – eyeliner

laser tattoo removal – 4 treatments

laser tattoo removal – 6 treatments

Eyebrow tattoo removal – 9 treatments

pico spot – 2 treatments

tattoo removal – eyebrows

laser tattoo removal after 3 treatments

laser tattoo removal after 6 treatments

laser tattoo removal after 4 treatments

laser tattoo removal after one treatment

(lip liner from 20 years ago)

Laser Tattoo Removal after 5 sessions

Pico Fractional Spot Treatment

Laser HydraFacial Before and After with our Vizia

Amazing Before and After results after a single PICO fractional treatment

Pico Fractional Spot Treatment

Results after one CO2 Heavy Treatment

Results after one CO2 Heavy Treatment

One treatment for broken capillaries with our Gentle Max Pro

Photofacial with IPL. Directly after treatment & 2 weeks after on back and shoulders

Two IPL Treatments

One IPL treatment on chest

Melasma treated with our Discovery PICO

1 IPL treatment on face, neck and chest

IPL on chest

Results on scar after 1 PICO Fractional treatment

1 Photofacial Treatment

2 Photofacial treatments with our Gentle Max Pro Laser

Series of 3 Potenza RF Microneedling

Deluxe HydraFacial with Dermal Repair Booster & red LED light

Diamond Glow treatment with Pore Clarifying booster

10 week transformation with Lumivive, HA5, Photofacial & one syringe of Juvéderm

Results after only using SkinMedica Lumivive for 6 weeks

Vizia results 3 months after a series of PICO laser treatments, Brightening pads with 6% HQ and diligent sunscreen to help treat Melasma

Results after 1 HydraFacial

Results after 1 Platinum Hydrafacial

Results after HydraFacial and Dermaplaning with a Dermal Repair booster

HydraFacial with Hydropeptide Power Serum Booster

Results after 3 TCA Chemical Peels

Results after 3 VFR treatments

Results after 4 VFR treatments

Our 2021 New Year New You Winner

Results after 1 HydraFacial with Dermaplaning

HydraFacial with Dermabuilder booster

Female age 26 – 15 week on wellness program – 44 lbs down- sleeping better- more active -using Semaglutide weight loss medication- nutrition coaching and guidance from our Nutrition coach and Personal trainer has helped get where she needs to be

Male age 47 – 20 weeks + into wellness program- feels great- less brain fog- More energy – semaglutide weight loss medication used – down 27.9 lbs- gaining muscle

Female age 56- 16 weeks into weight loss journey- Sleeping better- More Active- Feeling herself again – down 38.5lbs – using Semaglutide weight loss medication- Nutrition coaching and guidance to help hold accountable.

Female age 43- no weight loss medication used- more energy- sleeping better- moods stabilized- 29 lbs down – 10 weeks into weight loss program – Our team is there every step of the way through so you never feel like your on this journey by yourself

Female age 40- 16 weeks into program- down 45 lbs down- gaining muscle- more energy- using weight loss medication Semaglutide – Accountability with coaching used for motivation

Female age 27 – 8 weeks of healthy lifestyle changes- 24lbs down in fat- gaining muscle- More energy- No weight loss medication used – Extensive Nutrition coaching and accountability- B12 MIC injections given weekly

Male age 57 – lost 101 lbs- on semaglutide weight loss medication – more energy- working out more- less inflamed- 20 weeks into wellness journey

47 yo male. 8 week RX program.

41 yo female. 8 week RX program.

53 yo female. Get Fit client maintaining results after 9 months with lifestyle modification only.

63 yo female. Get Fit in 8 Weeks client with obesity risk factors of HTN and DM – Lifestyle Modification only. Eliminated prescription medications.

47 yo male. Get Fit in 8 Weeks client – Lifestyle Modification only.

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